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Great DATA deals WITH support! Why look elsewhere? Fibre, LTE, Mobile etc. Need a website? We supply Hosting, Domains and Email.

Need help with offsite Servers, PBX, ESET and much more? For a full list of connectivity services read on…

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Safety first! Protect and safely store your data. DAI offers smart solutions to storing, securing and updating your important data across your devices, in real time, so you are always protected, backed up and synced.

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Choose from a range of work-based software, including Office 365, CRM, POS, CMS and business intelligence. Contact us to find out how we can simplify, streamline and add value to your workspace.

Understanding your user experience

Select from our easy-to-use hardware, software, interfaces and accessory items to  tailor-make your digital platforms (e.g. laptops, tablets, phones and apps) for optimal use with little to no tears :-).

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It has never been easier to help you, with online remote support or telephonically we can talk you through and solve your home or work computer issues.

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
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